Something that you may have noticed over the last few years is a drastic increase in newly built luxury homes. The housing market is changing and to compete with other sellers, you have to make sure that your house is up to the standards of other homes.


Putting together a simple house currently will not get you that much attention from potential buyers and in order to stand out within such a competitive market, you must understand what features your competitors are offering. Once you have an understanding of the features that a lot of newly built homes have, you can apply these features to any home flipping projects that you may be working on. Here is an exploration of the luxury features that many newly built homes.


Open Plan Living


Something that you may have noticed in older houses is that all the rooms are usually separated. This particular design was created to trap in heat to save on heating bills during the colder months. However, this design method doesn’t make a lot of sense in hotter countries and with global warming becoming an ever-increasing problem, it seems obsolete.


Open plan living doubles the space of a small house and can completely transform the layout of a standard home. There is no denying just how popular open play housing is right now and if you look at homes already on sale or perspective design plans of design companies. If you are interested in adapting your homes, you can enlist the help of a design team, we recommend that you look into the luxury home design from domination homes. Dominion homes will work with you to design a house that fits in with the current trends in the housing market and they have extensive knowledge of what sells in the housing market, which will be advantageous to you.


Utilising Technology


If you have ever been to a house that is newly built, something that you may have noticed is that a lot of them utilise a lot of modern technology as a part of the home. Usually, when you purchase a home, it is expected that you add your own tech to the home to make it fit your own needs. However, creating a home that already has tech built into it will mean that a seller can put the house on the market for a higher sale price.


If you are curious about what kind of tech you can expect to find in a modern home, think of things such as heating flooring or anything else that may make the home more comfortable to live in. Some designers have taken the extra step to make their homes more appealing on the housing market by adding voice-controlled features, such as lighting. These voice-controlled features give the homes a futuristic feel, which is appealing to people who want a house that really stands out from others on the market.




At one point or another, everyone has wished that they had a pool in their home. Pools are great for combatting the summer heat and entertaining yourself in the nice weather. In the past, pools were seen as a luxury that was reserved for those that were rich, but now they are becoming much more common in the housing market.


Having a pool in the garden of a home dramatically increases its market value and is surprisingly quite affordable to install if you have the right connections to be able to do so. People are much more likely to choose a house that has a pool over a house that doesn’t have one and so if you are someone that is researching ahead of a house build, consider building a home with that feature.


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