In his disregard for the American duchess, Piers Morgan, the leading media foe of Prince Harry as well as Duchess Meghan, does not support it: “Well, is she deliberately lying? Is her an entire illusion? I wouldn’t understand, I don’t even care honestly.”
Morgan spoke to Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Monday and was known to be a victim of its ‘woke mob’ which cost him his co-host position mostly on alleged bigotry ‘Good Morning UK,’ following his questions last month with Oprah Winfrey about the truthfulness of the Duchess of Sussex.
“Many Americans have (what she said) believed and this isn’t so, which angers me, which angers me,” Morgan said in his speech. “If you don’t believe Meghan Markle, you’ve been the challenge, you’ve been racist, there has been an increasing feeling. It may not have been where she lay… How do I disbelieve her because I am branded a racist?”
He really doesn’t trust the few, Morgan said to Carlson, one month after he vocalized his skepticism about Harry and Meghan”s claims during their “whine-athon.” He is willing to “prove his mistake.”
Piers Morgan: Meghan Markle’s “danger” to Queen Elizabeth II.
Should you forget it: after Meghan Markle, Piers Morgan, Prince Harry, leaves Good Morning England.
Morgan claims Harry and Meghan – particularly Meghan – invented reports of bigotry and within the royal family and neglect by palace officials to her mental wellbeing. He claims these accusations have done immense harm to Britain, Queen Elizabeth II, the royal family as well as the throne, “that I love.”
“There are 17 separate statements, either entirely untrue, grossly inflated or inexhaustible,” he stated. “Why do I trust those who do not say the truth? “I may not know.”
Morgan called Meghan “a delightful duchess mostly in a factory who will make millions – hundreds of millions out of her royal titles while throwing away the royal family and everything that it stood for.”
Morgan and Carlson chewed Morgan’s excoriation of Meghan and Harry during their conversation with Winfrey about CBS on March 7, which resulted in Morgan’s steaming away from “Good Morning Britain” for just over an hour in an interview with Fox Country, the network’s streaming service.
“I’ve been asked to quit and I’m not going to trust a liar,” Morgan told me.
In the afternoon of heated bigotry, Piers Morgan leaves ‘The Talk.’
The result of his denouncement of Sussex is linked to the rejection of ‘cancelation,’ ‘weakened leftists,’ and ‘totalitarianism’ who threaten to shut down their dissident views and dislikes by denouncing critics as ‘racists.’
“You sign up for her false narration, or you must be killed, it’s the purest fascism guy, what my book’s all about. Wake up fascism.” “If we lose freedom of expression, the right to express an opinion, democracy will finally die.”
That’s also Morgan’s first on-camera interview throughout the US after having declared, on March 9, that he didn’t “believe a word” about what Meghan stated in an Oprah interview, which he stormed ITV’s “GMB.” Later, a whopping 41000 appeals were received by the public from its broadcast regulator in the UK, Ofcom.
Soon the business was formally divided into ITV and Morgan. He said that Morgan’s dismissal on-air of her suicidal thoughts could exacerbate people with mental health problems and, thus, that the ITV leader was calling for a complaint from Meghan.
“Piers Morgan agreed to quit ‘Good Morning Britain’ after ITV talks. The decision was approved by ITV and nothing more to say, “In a tweet, the network said.
At 56, Morgan denounced Meghan for weeks as well as what occurred to him in ITV, chatting outside his house in interviews, sidewalks, and tweets.
He is indeed a leading British media figure who has operated in many tabloids, as an editor and blogger, hosting conferences and co-host of “GMB” since 2015. He even worked briefly as host of a CNN public talk show where he spent some time delivering pointless lectures on Americans loving weapons.

After it came out as Harry’s girlfriend in 2016, Morgan has been down on Meghan. Morgan claimed that he had been sick and he met her before Harry, but she “ghosted” him, cutting ties after Harry had announced in November 2016 that she was his girlfriend.
On behalf of palace minds, back while she was still listening to them and Harry, who had loathed UK tabloids since he’s a child, it’s at least likely she did so. Under palace orders, in November 2017, Meghan pulled down her own Social Media pages.
In such a breath of American cool air, the UK media hosted Meghan with a dumb royal institution before the wedding in May 2018 and around six months shortly after. But all this came down as leaks out of the palace, showing it as a “complicated” diva that is not ready to genuflect the royal protocols and practices of centuries.
When Meghan and Harry talked in the English tabloids about “racism,” Morgan denied that there was anything like that (“I must have seen it”) and instead pointed his finger at “school” on social media.
During an interview with the Sussexes, Oprah, who broadcast the couple’s bombsheed accusations of bigotry in their families and the British media, and also in a palace of ignorance to her mental health she claimed, she considered suicide. Morgan and most of the UK institution, as well as the media, became prime movers of indignation.
Mistakes and incomprehension of Meghan – as to the reason why Son Archie will not (yet) be given a title and whether their “ceremony” before marriage was formal or private – opened her up for attacks by opponents like Morgan.
“Sorry, I wouldn’t believe her, I am not biased,” said Carlson. “I just don’t believe her.”
Morgan said he took some time off before he moved to his next job. Carlson said that one day on Fox, he would expect that Morgan “joins us here.”


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