Did you not listen? The new picture of “I voted” is indeed a selfie vaccine, as superior and senior staff celebrates publicly that their first two doses of coronavirus vaccine are received.
This year we will post the vaccinated selfies (vaxxies) from celebrities and public figures all across your calendar. Tap here for more detail, mostly on vaccines for coronavirus. And see below all the remarkable figures who reported so far about vaccination:

Ryan Reynolds

The star of Deadpool, who had taken a dose of the vaccine on Wednesday, 31 mars, wrote that he finally had 5G. The title jokingly refers to the utterly dismayed idea that the outbreak was indeed a symptom of 5G cell towers somewhere.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey got her first dose of the vaccine on a few of her high notes. On April 3, she shared a video of its process under the title ‘Side effect vaccine: G6.’
“We are on here; we expect the best, we invite you guys to go through it whenever possible,” said Carey throughout the song. “In this, as we have said, we’re all united. Love you a lot! Love you a lot!”

Michelle Obama

Examples are the perfect way to lead, and Obama, 57, does exactly that. She shared her photograph of the vaccine COVID-19 and a recording of the ex-Presidents who advocated vaccinating Americans.
“Barack and I’re happy we were,” she captioned her post on Instagram, “I think you could get the vaccine COVID-20. “It’s our best chance to beat this plague, look out and get back to most of what we miss. Vaccinating is life-saving—and life will be yours.”

Christie Brinkley

The sixty-seven-year-old supermodel ensured that its experience with the vaccine COVID-19 was recorded. Brinkley said in the video that was uploaded to Instagram on February 6: “It’s a wonderful day in the vaccine.” “To get my appointment, I feel so grateful.”
Brinkley, who’d been reported as a “slice of cake” by her son, Jack Paris, urged his eligible followers to be also vaccinated. “You’re going to be delighted you’ve done it,” she stated. “This was Christie Brinkley and her son Jack Paris’s public service announcement.”

Steve Martin

The 75-year-old actor, who was online and later stayed in line at Javits Center in New York City, claims he has got the COVID-19 vaccine. On January 17, he tweeted: “Thank you all, and thank you, scientists.”
“I have no faithful resects right now,” he joked.

Kate Mulgrew

She had a shot on Monday, January 25, announced on Twitter by Mulgrew, aged 65 and who would be playing Captain Janeway on Star Trek: Red on Orange Is The New Black. “Throughout the wee hours of Monday morning, get my Covid-19 vaccine! “We would beat this, but still only if we are all working closely; consider your captain’s order – keep on masking and registering to be given your ASAP vaccine.” Stay healthy and have faith in science, my friends! [Greece emoji from the Vulcan].”

Judi Dench

Dench, 86, had announced that in January 2021, she had received her first shot and therefore would wait for her second for 11 weeks.

Joan Collins

In January, the soap star fired Astra-Zeneca, an experience that she defined as “the easiest thing. As if it were a slight itch with no discomfort whatsoever. And I didn’t have any after-effects, and I felt fine. I came home and also had a drink.” Happy with it!

Martha Stewart

Only at Martha Stewart Living Center in Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, Martha Stewart, 79, received the vaccine. And Stewart said to those who asked if she had cut the thread, “Know that for this vaccine batch, I am in the accepted age group, and I’ve been waiting for others.”

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth

As per the Speaker, in January 2021, the queen and her husband, both in their 1990s, were fired first.

Dr. Fauci

Throughout the end of December 2020, the US leading authority on infectious diseases had the Moderna vaccine and registered no side effects throughout the arm where they had administered the injection except a temporary ache.

Prue Leith

Maybe as interesting as food cakes and pastries, but we will bet just as excitingly. In December 2020, Prue Leith, 80, a wonderful British Bake-Off judge with a multinational baker, got her “stab” to help soothe concerns of its coronavirus vaccine.

Ian McKellen

Grey’s Gandalf… White Gandalf… Immune Gandalf! Ian McKellen, 81, was shot in London’s hospital for the first time in December 2020 and later told the press that he feels “euphoric.” Is there a cameo in Euphoria?

Congress, Biden, the Pences, and several officials of the Government 
Shortly before the Christmas break in 2020, all of the members of Congress, including Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, received the vaccine Pfizer COVID-19, documenting Instagram Live. The vaccine was given to Vice President Mike Pence as well as his wife, Karen Pence, as appears to have been done by other senior Federal Government officials. (Coronavirus poses a national security threat when at the same time large parts of our Government get sick.) The second dose of his vaccine was obtained in January 2021 from President-Elect Joe Biden.

Anthony Hopkins

At just the end of January 2021, the actor was given his first vaccine dose. “Thank you so much.
PublicHealth.LACounty. PublicHealth.Gov CHA Hollywood Medical Center and Dr. Maria Teresa Ochoa, my beloved friend. Light just at the end of the tunnel (after a quarantine year) “On Instagram, he posted.

These celebrities are getting the shot of Corona Virus Vaccines and are promoting them. They are spreading the message of staying safe and taking all the necessary precautions that will prevent them from the virus, So be safe and follow all the safety measures to stay safe and away from the Corona Virus and also get yourself vaccinated as soon as possible.


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