The network is just like a dinner party that’s been too long after the pandemic. Guests are rude and drunken, and dirty laundry is being aired. It’s good news for us—fameful chatter has begun to come directly from the source in such a late-stage pandemic. Robbed of its human right to also be photographed on the red carpet, actors immediately expose their feelings and thoughts, something they are taught never to reveal.
We get used to the few rewards that come as interviews ask for one another. Significant moments of gossip—see: Mariah, “I know you not” Significant events like an unusual meteor or the latest Lorde album are Carey, the Kim-Taylor emoji snake fiasco, and John Mayer literally comparing himself to something like a white nationalist.
Yet newly popular people began to talk shit. It’s like they’re trapped in hot mics unless they do it deliberately. It’s very safe and very enjoyable.
Rachel Bilson tells Dax Shepard a curious tale about how she was once approached by Rami Malek to take an amusing TBT picture of both of them on a Podcast armchair expert. She narrated the story in-depth Malek back to forth and citing her colleague’s perspective that the issue was part of its Oscar campaign for Malek. But she did not hear back. She apologized, she told Shepard. It’s really the insular tale of Hollywood that Malek and his team knew he would sit between the two actors. Either of them does not really flatter, except that Bilson has chosen to share it all with the general public. This isn’t a major controversy. This is just juicy.
Adam Brody told unqualified host Anna Faris casually only one degree from Bilson on even a podcast that he was “all sort of supposed” when he met his partner, Leighton Meester. We never hear prominent celebrities educated in the media speak the silent part loudly like this! The star of even a hit show featuring spoilt wealthy children is hard to conceive. However, Brody was already the host of a television show for wealthy children, so his assumption isn’t hypocritical? But what does this imply about his view of his former co-stars and of Meester? Again, no one here is flattering this story. So it’s great!
Serena Williams told the camera, “Love is not paradise,” a new Instagram promotional video for Bumble, the dating app. That is a pretty nonsense comment, but that is an enormous difference between Williams and her partner, Alexis Ohanian, who normally projects the Very first Pop Family of Pop Culture portrait. In the interview, when headlines such as “Alexis Ohanian Marriage Also Isn’t Paradise” such as “Serena Williams Admits, Ohanian doubled.
“The manner in which marriage is not paradise without work must be much more honest to everyone,” he wrote on Twitter. “When interracial marriage (and much of the time it is upon me, tbh), I believe it’s something of a job. Nowadays we need extra, not less, sunshine. Enjoy S for the regular lead.” All right, this story casts both of them in a very sweet way. It’s far more revealing, though, than it should be. We usually believe it if a famous couple tells us that their relationship is great. We want to see famous gods too badly. If you confess frankly that you are not, it’s exciting.
In the latest news cycle, a number of famous gossip is not bad, and it’s just a joke. Iggy Azealea rendered a TikTok snap, boasting that she has been dipped into her DMs by counting tens of millions of followers—she hid the titles. Ben Affleck praised her (“Where are you holding the Youth Brunnen?”) beauty and her professional ethic when questioned regarding his ex-Jennifer Lopez. More seriously, in such an interview this week, Kate Winslet also said she knew many famous people who mask their sexuality for fear that they will lose roles. “I would imagine that at least four actors conceal their sexuality completely,” she said. “This is hard.” This is painful. Candor occurs at a degree that is just not typical.
The celebrities laughed in the early days of its pandemic and collapsed. They made cooky videos only with high school children’s enthusiasm to show off a canceled spring musical. You behaved boring, and you fished your Insta and TikTok tales like that so that we wouldn’t see your chefs, your child caregivers, and the beautiful spaces of your houses. Baths of the size of lobster limousines were displayed. They did everything to hide that they’re not under pressure from poverty, were stuck in small areas, were forced into uncertain living environments, or were terrorized because, like all Americans, they would lose access to healthcare. Maybe that is because celebrities end up becoming truly intensely bored when we get more close to mass vaccination.
Or perhaps because we never have a more tenuous connection with celebrity culture. The norm of celebrities who begin as actors, athletes, and models challenges a market of influencers. Exposure, not exclusivity, brings influencers fame. Although an actress might share her skin treatment regimen, an influencer would show you how she cleanses her toilet precisely. More stars should have known that they’re not just looking and talent for their currency; it’s their connection to other popular people.
Often, actors cannot believe that their roles are permanent. Armie Hammer was indeed a gigantic blockbuster A-list cardiac strain. His future seems to be over now following severe allegations of sexual harassment, which he recognizes as a “cannibal.” New-York Governor Andrew Cuomo was unmasked, charged with a rising community of women, many of whom were former workers, who appeared as a sort of father figure/heart troubles/Moses early throughout the pandemic. The walls of the old boys club, which protected many popular people from learning the meaning of the word implications, were demolished.
Or maybe famous people are only trying to remain important. Award shows are even more muted, premieres are stalled, and nobody is sure that as they scroll on Instagram, they’ll half-watch whether they’re starring in the next Queen’s Gambit or movies. In any event, for those of us who feel much more alive when we hear gossip, this is an enjoyable moment.
Like famous men who jump between the houses, generate passive income, and hide foreign travel proofs, they hope that the tea will continue to arrive.


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